Ghost World 3D

Ghost World 3D 0.94

Search Money in Levels & Mazes. Fight with Ghosts, and make yourself better
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Ghost World 3D is a Pac-Man and Egoshooter like Game.
Instead of only look from top to the Levels (how by the Original 2D-Pacman),
you can go through the Levels and some mazes directly in 3D.

Not untill the gamer have found & collected all the moneyboxes in a Level,
he can go through the door, to reach the next Level.
But ghosts, that even can speaking, follow the gamer, to damage him.

Collect or purchaseable Weapons & Presents, the "Ghost Catch Mode", Hide,
and other options can help, to don't lose a live.

Updateable Extras like the Ghost-Scanner, the Mini-Map or the Compass, are helpfull too.
The Gamer become the Money for this, when he collected Moneyboxes or for some Gameactions.

There are much varied Levels on different places up the Earth and 4 Levels up 2 Planets.
The first Levels are easy, and the later Levels are more difficult.

This game run on older Computers too, is complette free to play, and is complette without blood.

You can play even with 3D-Glasses or as well the old Levels from the Year 2007.

Only 1 Person have made this Game & the Gamengine.
Developed in 7 Years of programming and other work.

The Game-Music is very miscellaneous. The most Songs are produced from the Programmer, too.

This game is a german game, but in the Help-Directory at the game are some Texts & PDF's for english speaking people.

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